Toronto Earthquake 5.5

A magnitude 5.5 toronto earthquake hit central Canada this afternoon, rattling buildings from Windsor to Montreal and several U.S. states.

Toronto Earthquakes Reports
01:41:42 PM, Ontario-Quebec Border Region, Canada (45.86N, 75.45W), Magnitude 5.5, Depth 10 miles

5.5-magnitude quake hits Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa Breaking News
Southern Ontario and parts of Quebec and New York have just experienced a earthquake measuring at 5.5-magnitude. The seats were rumbling at 1:38 p.m ET. Thursday as a mild earthquake hit Toronto and other parts of southern Ontario.

Earthquake rocks Ontario, Quebec
A 5.5-magnitude earthquake has hit Ontario, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, with tremors reportedly felt as far away as Montreal, Boston and Cleveland.

Earthquake shakes downtown Toronto
A strong earthquake rattled Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec Wednesday afternoon.

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